Welcome Message

It is a honor and pleasure to host in Milan the European step of the 6th Edition of the IFHNOS World Tour Program, featuring the most respected leaders in the field of international head and neck surgery and oncology.

The scientific programme is intended to be lively interactive, offering the unique opportunity for the youngest to stump a faculty of top scientists on the most debated issues in modern head and neck cancer management. Special attention will be devoted to the decision-making process and targeted solution of the most frequently encountered, together with some more challenging, clinical scenarios.

Our city will be the ideal stage for such an event, combining its well-known dynamic nature, openness to multicultural inputs, and central role in many economic as well as scientific initiatives connecting it with the rest of Europe. Moreover, its long-lasting history and tradition in the culture of fashion may well add further attractives for the leisure time in Milan at the end of the congress works.

Hoping to meet all of you soon in the wonderful Milan


  Cesare Piazza                                                                        Lisa Licitra